Gamify Your Online Store

Increase your Shopify store’s revenue and customers engagement by creating contests at your store

Earn money from contests

Create contests as part of your marketing campaigns or as an alternate shopping experience. You can charge your customers for participation tickets and earn money from each contest or allow free play. Choose what is best for your store.

Convert players to shoppers

Increase the overall sales by motivating the contest players to shop at your store. Grow your mailing list by encouraging your shoppers to play and provide their contact information.

Win Win for all

The store increases its revenue and engages its shopper. The winners of the contests receive great prizes and all the participants get lucrative discounts. Everybody wins.

Let your customers compete

The customers play a game and the winners get the store’s products as prizes. Use our out-of-the-box game or ask us to adjust the game for your brand. You can also request us to develop a dedicated game just for your store

Codeless integation

You don’t have to be a developer to integrate BlingRush with your Shopify store. It takes about 10 minutes to create your first contest. BlingRush offers a robust customizations framework that allows the store to easily modify the look & feel of the app.

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For any store

It does not matter what store you own or what you sell. With BlingRush you should see an increase in your overall revenues. Also, whether you want to host an occasional contest or use BlingRush side by side with your store on a regular basis – BlingRush is for you