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Frequently asked questions

What eCommerce platforms does BlingRush support?

Currently, only Shopify-based stores can use BlingRush. We are planning to support more platforms soon.

What is BlingRush?

BlingRush adds to your store in just a few minutes, and without development, the ability to host contests and offer products and discounts as prizes in competitions directly from your store. The contests are based on a game that the participants need to play in order to win. Contests can be used on a regular basis, side by side with your existing shopping experience, or as part of marketing campaigns. You can choose to charge money for participating in the contests or use it as a marketing promotion. Either way, the contests are designed in a way that you actually earn money from and with motivators that encourage the participants to shop and buy products in your store. Contests are also a great way to grow your emailing list for future promotions and offers.

How does BlingRush work?

Contests are created by the store manager, who selects products or creates discount codes as prizes, selects the number of participants and the ticket price (ticket price can also be set as free). Once a contest is published it is added to the storefront as if it was a regular product of the store.
The shoppers register for a contest, pay the registration fee (if it is not free), and play a game. If it’s a skill-based contest game – The participant who gets the highest score wins the product! There can also be prizes for 2nd, 3rd, etc. places in the contest. If it’s a luck game or a non-contest game then you can set the prizes based on the player outcome (for example Spin The Wheel segments prizes). For luck games that you charge an entry fee to participate in, we highly recommend checking and following your local gambling laws in your country.

In order to encourage store visitors to join the contests and to convert them from players to shoppers at your store, the store can provide contest participation gifts that the players can use to get discounts on other products at the store.

How does using BlingRush contests increase my store’s revenue?

By providing customers the “contest way of shopping”, the store, increases the customers’ engagement and loyalty, adds a social flavor, improves the overall sales, and earns money from each contest. In addition, the participants are getting discounts on products at the store and since they are already engaged, the store can expect a high conversion rate of players into shoppers. In addition, The mailing list of the store will grow since registering for a contest requires the visitor to create an account at the store.

What is BlingRush pricing model?

Our pricing plan is very easy to understand – There’s no monthly fee! We only charge you if you are making money from using the BlingRush platform. BlingRush charges a 10% commission fee from the value of the discount codes (not from the value of the sold items) that the store provides as prizes and gifts and ONLY when the customers use them and actually convert.

Visit our Pricing Plans page for more information on the different plans.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes. Our trial is not time-limited, BlingRush offers the first contest created by the store free of charge (no commission).

Does BlingRush modify my store’s theme template files?

No. BlingRush uses the Shopify ScriptTag feature to present data in the StoreFront. We provide a comprehensive customization ability of the presentation for different scenarios, including changes in text and presentation styles. The store can also modify the theme to fully customize the experience, fit the UI and design to its theme, and improve usability and loading time.

What are the rules of the contests?

  • Customers register for a contest and pay the participation fee (if there is one).
  • A customer may purchase more than one ticket and get extra attempts in the game. His/her best attempt is the one that counts.
  • The participants compete and play against each other in the contest game.
  • The contest is closed after all of its tickets are sold, and all the participants have played their turn.
  • Players must compete for up to 3 days after all the tickets are sold. Participants who don’t play until that deadline are considered losers.
  • The winner receives a personal discount code for a 100% discount on the prize. The winner adds the product to the cart and applies the discount code at checkout to get it for free.
  • The contest’s participants also receive a special discount code as a participation gift which can be used to purchase products from the store.
  • The participation gift can be used only once per customer, no matter how many tickets he/she has purchased.
  • We suggest making tickets non-refundable. However, it is up to the store to decide otherwise. Refunding customers will be done manually by the store owner.

What is the game that the customers play?

We provide 2 out-of-the-box games :

  • BlingSmash – It is a skill-based board game that requires the player to match identical products and blow them up.
  • Spin The Wheel – Your typical spin-the-wheel game with the option to customize the segments and prizes

BlingRush offers its customers custom branding of the game and services for a new game development dedicated to the store.

For a skill-based contest, how is the winner of the contest determined?

The participant who gets the highest score in the game is the winner. In case there is more than one participant who got the same top score, the winner will be the player who finished the game the fastest. In case there are 2nd, 3rd, etc. places for the contests, the winners are determined on the same basis.

Can I select a different prize for each contest?

Yes. Actually, this is the way you create a new contest. Just select a product from the store you would like to give as the prize and click on the ‘manage contest’ button. It’s that easy.

Do shoppers who didn’t win get anything?

The store can automatically provide a participation gift to all of the customers who buy tickets to contests.  The gift is a discount code set by the store with predefined rules (discount value, minimum cart value, etc.). Providing these discounts is a great way to leverage the contest as a way to increase regular sales in the store. It can also increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

How do winners claim their prizes?

The winners (including runner-ups if set) receive a personal discount code that they can use to claim their prize when they make purchases at the store (basically just apply the discount code at checkout).

Can I use the app if I only allow anonymous shopping at my store?

No. Registering for contests requires the user to log in to your store and create an account if they do not have one yet. you do not have to set the customers’ accounts to be required. Even if the accounts are optional, we require the customer to login in order to purchase a ticket for a contest.

How many contests can the store create simultaneously?

As many as you want.

Can a customer buy more than one ticket in a contest?

Yes. Each ticket bought by a customer provides him/her with another play attempt in the contest. The attempt with the highest score is the one that counts. Be aware that due to the way Shopify manages store discounts, a customer is only eligible to use the participation gift discount once.

Can a customer register for more than one contest at a time?


What happens if not all the tickets in a contest are sold?

Since contests are only finalized after their tickets are sold out, there could be a scenario where that may take some time. One of the options is to promote the contest in the store’s marketing campaigns.  The store can also reduce the number of tickets available in a contest at the expense of their profit. In addition, the store may decide at any given time to cancel a contest.  In that case, it is up to the store to refund any customer who had purchased a ticket.

What happens if a customer buys a ticket but does not actually play the game?

After the tickets for a contest are sold out, customers who have not played have three days to compete. Customers that do not compete until that deadline, technically lose.

Can I create a contest that has free registration?

Yes. The store can create free participation contests, for example as part of a marketing campaign or promotion, without the users having to pay for tickets. This is another way to use BlingRush, where the store provides prizes, gifts, and discounts for winners and participants and creates an effective marketing funnel, which significantly increases the store’s conversions.

Can a customer cheat in the game?

Although cheating and hacking are always a possibility, BlingRush has developed algorithms that will make the cheater’s and/or hacker’s life difficult. In addition, we monitor the games for any misuse, so even if someone succeeds in cheating, we do our best to catch it and alert the store. The store will be able to decide to remove that player from the contest, cancel the entire contest, or ignore the cheating attempt and continue the contest as is.