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How to translate the storefront plugin text?

BlingRush app storefront plugin runs on the following pages:

  1. The product page
  2. The customer order page
  3. The thank-you/order status page
  4. The contest game page

For each page, the plugin checks if the connected product is of type contest and, if so, renders the relevant information on the page.

The main parts of the widget are:

  1. The contest registration flow (only relevant on the contest product page)
  2. The message board panel presents relevant information on the contest and its progress
  3. The participant list panel presents all the registered participants and their current status in the contest.

The store can easily modify or translate all the contest-related text presented to the customer on these pages. In addition, the app supports multilingual stores and enables the store to translate the widget’s text to multiple languages.

To modify the text, select the relevant page to customize under the Customizations menu located at the top navigation menu in the BlingRush app.

In case your store is multilingual, you need to create a language entry for each language your store supports by clicking on the Customizations>Manage Languages menu item.

Each page has a Messages and Captions section which contains all the available text for modification or translation. For multilingual stores, select from the Language dropdown the language you wish to modify.

Please notice that there are text elements that exist in some or all of the pages. Modifying these text in one customization form will only change the text on that specific page. To alter the same text element in all the pages, you will have to change it in all the customizations forms or by ticking the Copy and overwrite all the labels in all the other pages field which will copy the labels from the customization page you are working on to the other pages.