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Pricing plans

Our pricing plan is very easy to understand – We only charge you if you are making money from using the BlingRush platform

  • No Monthly Fee!
  • 10% Commission fee from the value of the discount codes that the store provides as prizes and gifts and only when the customers use them
  • A Trial plan with the one commission-free contest

If you are planning to create more than 200 contests per month Contact us.

* BlingRush commission is calculated out of the discount value that the store provides as a gift/prize to the participants in the contests. For example, a 10% commission from a $5 discount value equals $0.5

* In case you are interested in branding the game and modifying its look and feel, contact us, and we will provide further details

* BlingRush also provides game development services. Contact us if you are interested in developing your own games for the contests at your store