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Understanding Contests

BlingRush adds to your store in just a few minutes of work, and without development, the ability to host contests and offer your products as prizes in the competitions directly from your store. The contests are based on a game that the participants play in order to win. You can think of this approach as a group sale with a huge twist that is meant to be used on a regular basis, side by side with your existing shopping experience, or as part of marketing campaigns.

By providing customers the “contest way of shopping”, the store increases the customers’ engagement and loyalty, adds a social flavor, and improves its overall sales. In addition, the participants are getting discounts on products at the store and since they are already engaged, the store can expect a high conversion rate of players into shoppers.

Contests are created by the owner who configures a product from the store as a contest’s prize and selects the number of participants and the ticket price.
The shoppers buy tickets for the contests (unless the store manager has created a free-tickets contest), pay the registration fee, and play a skill-based/luck game. The participant that gets the highest score wins and gets the contest’s prize.